Project Portfolio.

The following are a small sample of the types of projects which Kasee, LLC has completed over the past 25 years. They range from full restorations to one room remodels.

Our Professional Services.

Kasee can take on any construction project whether specialized or general in scope. The information below provides details about some of the more common services we offer.


Kasee contracts master carpenters who have honed their skills over an entire career. Our carpenters know their craft like the carpenters from the Victorian era that prided themselves on producing unparalleled character and dazzling beauty. We always use quality materials, and quality personnel to provide breathtaking results.


Whether its piping related to hot or cold water, gas lines, air conditioning refridgerant, or boilers and heating we have the expertise to resolve any need. We specialize in copper replacement with modern PEX tubing for aged copper pipe, manifold installations, boiler replacements, and of course standard kitchen and bath needs.


Kasee has been handling roofing needs for decades. We have done everything from replacing entire roof structures, to removing roofs, inserting floors, and replacing those roofs. We re experienced with any roof type including copper, tin, graphite, tile, and wood shingles. Our engineers are experts at designing support framing for the correct angles for drainage, weight distribution, and energy efficiency.


At Kasee, John O'Hara (Founder) is an experienced licensed master electrician himself. We are experts at utility service upgrades to 200+ Amp service, Panel & Sub-Panel installations, adding/removing/changing existing circuits, EV charger installations, and more. John has an extensive background in both commercial and residential electrical projects.

Masonry & Tiling.

Masonry and tiling covers a broad area of capability for Kasee. It includes stonework, steps, outdoor kitchens, and other natural stone exterior projects. Additionally, we also do unparalleled work on interior, natural stone and tiling projects. We handle imported stone, detaled mosaic designs, kitchen & bath countertop materials (marble, granite, quartz, limestone, etc.), and other tiling projects.

Permit Applications

Kasee has a long history of working with all of the major municipalities in the Fairfield County and Westchester areas. We have forged strong relationships with inspectors due to our commitment to knowing local code requirements, building in a quality way the first time (no shortcuts), and demonstrating this manner of working over decades.

Our Recommended Partners.

Kasee can work with any partner of your choosing, but if you are in need of some recommendations that have proven to be reliable, trustworthy, and extremely competent, we recommend the following individuals/companies/sites:


(Under construction)

Green/Renewable Partners.

(Under construction)

About Kasee.

Kasee,LLC offers premium construction services for both residential and commercial customers. We have reliably served the Fairfield County area for over 25 years. We cover all types of construction projects and have a long list of proven, trusted craftsmen we can engage as needed.

Our Approach.

At Kasee we know that doing a project right the first time is the least expensive approach. Where we differ than many of our competitors, is that we also know that a project can be done "right" without using the most expensive labor options. We believe the secret is having our owner, John O'Hara, involved and on-site daily to make sure progress is timely, any surprises are dealt with properly, and the quality of construction is at the highest levels. This is what has kept Kasee, LLC as one of the most well respected contractors in the area. We don't cut corners or allow sub-par craftsman on our projects.

Our Goal.

Ultimately, our goal is that our clients feel that we delivered a great value for the cost of their project. We achieve this goal by conducting ourselves with integrity, knowledge of our trade, and treating our clients in a way that leaves them wanting to recommend us, as well as use us again. On many occasions, Kasee has been called in to correct and finish projects that were contracted for unbelievably low cost estimates, only to find out the contractor used poor materials, unqualified labor, or simply executed poorly. Owners then turn to us because they are now forced to complete the project, they need the truth, and they have had enough with wasting their time and money. Unfortunately, they end up paying for the project twice. This is how not doing it right the first time becomes so expensive. When we bid on a project we will clearly lay out for you our cost, what you are paying for, and why it can't be done responsibly for less. We would prefer our clients pay for a project once, and have a great outcome. Please contact us if you need help with an upcoming project.

Our Process.

Upon initial contact with Kasee, we will come to you and have an informal discussion about what you would like to accomplish with the project, the timeline you need the project to be completed by, and your desired budget range. If suitable blueprints exist from an architect, we can start to prepare a project estimate for both timeline and cost. If no blueprints are available yet, we can connect you with the network of architects we recommend, to produce the necessary plans. Not all projects may require formal blueprints, but for larger or more complicated projects we may insist on them as we are required to present them to the municipalities when applying for permits.

After agreement that the estimate scope, cost, and timeline all meet your needs, we will draw up a project contract formalizing the terms and layout payment schedules with key project progress dates. If there are any non-standard agreements for the project, they would also be included in the contract.

At this point Kasee, LLC will begin pulling all necessary permits as well as noting any deviations from code that will need to be addressed in order to gain a Certificate of Occupancy (CO) upon permit completion. In the event that anything is found, Kasee will discuss those items with you immediately and determine how you wish to address them. Assuming all things progress as expected, construction will ensue based on the project plan. Any issues found during the project will always be discussed with you as soon as we become aware of them. This ensures that any impact on the timing of a project due to unforeseen complexities are known by you. At that time, you will be provided with a detailed understanding of the impact to the timeline, and cost (if any).


Get In Touch With Us.

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