Project portfolio for Kasee, LLC.

Westchester: Restoration of Damaged Areas and New Home Theatre

This project started as a water damage restoration project, as a result of frozen pipes in the attic of the home. The water caused damage to the main family room attached to the kitchen, the adjoining bedrooms, breakfast area, and dining room. It continued down to the basement and damaged the playroom and viewing room. As you can see from the photos provided, there was extensive mil-work damage along with all of the flooring, sheet rock, insulation, and electrical. The initial goal was to simply restore the home to its original condition. All flooring, mil-work, walls, electrical, and painting were completely redone in these areas. The home was on the market at the time and sold near the end of construction. The new owner hired us to continue working on some additional renovations they wanted in the home. For them, we moved the projection area (theatre) from the existing playroom into the adjoining mechanical room. We relocated mechanical systems as needed and turned this area into a home theatre/viewing area. In the existing playroom we added a custom wet bar built on site to their specifications. We also added new hardwood flooring, audio, and video capability.

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