Project portfolio for Kasee, LLC.

Greenwich: Home Addition

This project was extensive and included two additions located at opposite sides of the house.

The left side addition included a first floor Library with a new Master Bedroom suite above. The Master Bedroom included a new Master Bathroom and two walk-in closets with an entry sitting room. At the end of the project, we installed the Gym and basement Powder Room in the new area under Library.

The second addition, to the right side of the home, consisted of a lower Playroom and Homework Area for the kids, and a new Bedroom/Nanny room above, with a full Bathroom and Laundry Room. The addition to the right included reversing the existing garage and installing a new door facing the road.

Other existing areas of the home had minor renovations as needed to accommodate the new additions with the exception of the Boy’s Room, which was completely renovated with a new Bathroom added.

Shortly after the additions were completed and the family moved in, the front porch was built over the existing door. A few years later, the slate roof on the existing house was completely redone and the lower back roof was changed from slate to copper. At this time the third floor dormers were added in the front of the house.

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